Presenture’s RECIPE service is designed by our marketing team to completely prepare a manufacturer for success in the foodservice market. Its primary component is a Go-to-Market (GtM) Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to build a strategic roadmap aligned with the client’s vision.  The workshop is interactive in order to gain valuable understanding and knowledge of the client’s company, product line, and target market segments.


Customer Development

Market Opportunity Sizing

Target Market Segments

Competitive Analysis

Value Proposition

Supply Chain


Sales Process

Broker Engagement

Tactical Plan

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GTM Workshop

Marketing Services

Following the GtM Workshop, the next phase of our RECIPE service is implemented. By incorporating the client’s newly developed value proposition, our marketing team prepares an executive summary of the new strategy followed by a CHOP call to review. Once completed, necessary foodservice-specific marketing collateral is created to properly launch a robust foodservice initiative. Included in the marketing deliverables is a broker manual, training brochure, POS, onboarding webinar, national price list, and pertinent forms. Once complete, we move to the MAIN COURSE phase of our service offerings.