The retail component of Presenture focuses on fresh perishable foods and the grocery store’s perimeter. We build and manage a national broker network for our manufacturer-clients looking to enter or accelerate in this space. Inside sales, outside sales, marketing, and administration support this activity. Our outsourced team eliminates the time and expense of hiring, training, and managing a manufacturer’s team. With this established go-to-market retail organization, all of the essential components are in place to accelerate our client’s speed to market and see positive results sooner.

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Unlike foodservice, Presenture appoints brokers for our retail manufacturer-clients by retail account responsibility, not geography. Presenture ensures the best possible brokers for each retailer and that these brokers are specialists with in-depth knowledge of the retailer, supply chain, and needs.

Today, Presenture works with and has broker coverage for all major retailers in the United States, with coverage at over 30,000 store locations. We also work closely with significant retail refrigerated distributors and assist our clients with new item setup, establishing policies and procedures, and day-to-day administrative needs.

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Presenture’s onboarding process for retail food manufacturers includes the development of a strategic and tactical plan for sales and marketing, along with training materials, POS materials, and sales aids to support regional and local market personnel as well as client brokers and distributors.

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Complete North American coverage with local-market expertise and comprehensive services.