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Food manufacturers today face various challenges in developing, training and maintaining an effective national food sales and marketing organization. For emerging manufacturers, engaging an outside food sales and marketing firm can result in dramatically reduced costs and faster times to market. For established food manufacturers, outside sales and marketing can provide avenues for increased sales, reduced costs and overhead, streamlined sales management, and simpler administration.

Based in Houston, Texas, Presenture is a national food sales and marketing service provider for the food industry. We excel in helping food manufacturers develop, execute, and accelerate their commercial food sales and marketing strategies.

Presenture offers a complete national sales solution for food manufacturers seeking imaginative ways to pivot to a more efficient food sales and marketing model. Our team of sales, marketing, and support professionals build and manage national food broker networks on behalf of our manufacturer-clients, addressing both foodservice and retail channels. These client-specific broker networks are supported by custom go-to-market strategies, regional sales managers, an inside sales team, and uniform reporting. This eliminates or reduces the need for a manufacturer-owned sales team, making Presenture the industry’s most economically prudent business model for food manufacturers.

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What We Do

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Presenture Is A National Managed Service Provider For The Food Industry

We Take Cost Out of the System

Presenture provides a nationally managed food sales and marketing solution that takes cost out of the system for food manufacturers. Our work ranges from full engagement as a manufacturer’s exclusive food sales and marketing team to a blended approach where Presenture is responsible for broker management. The manufacturer increasingly focuses on national accounts or other key market segments.

We Build Your Food Broker Network

Unlike many third-party food sales and marketing firms, Presenture does not own the food broker network that we build for our clients, and the network is not a group of affiliates. Each food broker is selected independently for each market. By structuring our client’s sales team as a non-owned and non-affiliated network, we can make changes quickly to individual need, building a network of best food brokers. The manufacturer has the final say as to what food brokers to hire or terminate.

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We Manage and TrainYour Food Broker Network

After building the food sales team, Presenture manages and trains it on behalf of the manufacturer — providing a nationally managed, fully trained food sales force serving all regions of the United States. We believe our training and management practices to be among the best in the industry. These tools speed time-to-market, boost selling effectiveness, and provide the most cost-effective national food sales and marketing solution.



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A Managed Service Provider for the

Food Industry

Sales & Broker Network Management


We Handle Marketing Support

Presenture offers our food manufacturer clients a wide range of marketing support, including graphic design services for food sales and marketing efforts. Our experienced marketing team is closely involved from initial client onboarding. Presenture provides the services needed to support the food manufacturer’s marketing and merchandising programs.

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We Process Uniform Reporting of Your Sales

Our uniform reporting provides timely sales performance reports standardized across the enterprise. These reports offer high measurement and accountability while helping food manufacturers simplify sales administration.

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We Drive Continuous Improvement

Building and maintaining a direct food sales and marketing team is a capital-intensive undertaking. The costs of operating a sales force include three main categories: recruitment, retention, and training. Manufacturer recruiting prices include salaries, benefits, bonuses associated with hiring salespeople, and any additional fees related to onboarding activities.

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We Eliminate Your Risk

By building a sales force of independent brokers in local markets – operating under Presenture management but contracted directly by the manufacturer – we do away with the risk of large-scale brokerage cancellation that can potentially be a source of business interruption.

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How does Presenture decide what manufacturers to represent?
We take on projects where we can create a significant multiple of value creation to our commissions/ fees for our clients. The amount of turnover business also influences our selections.
What is turnover business?

The amount of a new client’s existing business is part of Presenture’s responsibility and compensation.

How does Presenture differentiate itself from National Sales Agencies in the food industry?
Presenture is a managed service provider that builds or enhances a client-specific broker network.
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