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A Better Food Sales & Marketing Model

At Presenture, we trace our food sales and marketing roots to 1988.
This means three things:

  • RThroughout the span of almost four decades, we've been witnesses to a multitude of changes and developments within the food industry.
  • RWe've gained valuable insights into the key factors that contribute to the long-term success of national food brokerage networks, discerning both effective and ineffective strategies.
  • RWe've partnered with food manufacturers, ranging in size and shape beyond imagination.

Our approach to sales and marketing is based on our experience working closely with manufacturing clients — and our focus on aligning with their strategic goals.

In 2009, we embarked on a mission to create a better national sales and marketing model for food manufacturers. Here is what we do differently to help manufacturers identify their strategic objectives, shorten their go-to-market timelines, rapidly scale their sales efforts, and protect their sales organization for the long term. We consider these industry-best practices and critical factors that create a successful relationship between food manufacturers and their outside sales and marketing partners.

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“Research is finding the needle in the haystack.Strategy is not sitting on it.”

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Align with Manufacturer Goals

A good food sales and marketing partner will seek to align with the manufacturer’s goals.

When we talk to food manufacturers about their sales and marketing goals, we do so as partners. We help manufacturers articulate their objectives concerning their business infrastructure, production capacities, market channels, management structure, geographic market areas, and other factors. Our onboarding process ensures that go-to-market strategic planning drives organizational alignment.

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Build a Custom Salesforce

A good food sales and marketing partner will provide a sales solution in the long run.

Presenture is a national, managed service provider for the food industry. Unlike other national food sales agencies in the food industry, we take the role of crucial internal activities of the manufacturer, including regional managers, marketing, inside sales, reporting, and other administrative responsibilities.

From the start, we employ an approach to building a national sales force that offers long-term security for the food manufacturer. We build a unique food sales force for each client and employ a structure that eliminates the risk of large-scale food broker cancellation. In addition, the food manufacturer independently contracts each local sales agency assigned to the business. As a result, the food manufacturer is protected in the long term.

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Elevate Salesforce Management & Training

A good sales and marketing managed service provider will provide hands-on management and training.

After building the broker network, we manage it for the manufacturer. In each market, we select the best-qualified broker for the job. We provide ongoing training for the manufacturer’s products, merchandising, and sales support. We carefully monitor sales performance in each market or region through three regional vice presidents in foodservice, two regional vice presidents in retail, one vice president in marketing, and three inside sales support specialists. We utilize advanced enterprise CRM systems to ensure the sales organization can access all necessary resources and data. Through timely, uniform reporting, we address needed adjustments quickly and report on results.

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Provide Uniform Reporting to the Food Manufacturer

A good sales and marketing-managed service provider will provide timely, accurate sales information.

Knowledge is power when operating a food manufacturing business, and we do things differently to keep manufacturers apprised with timely sales performance data. Our unified reporting provides a framework for a standard work process across the sales enterprise. It gives a decisive business advantage with a degree of measurement and accountability that simplifies administration, provides market intelligence, and supports continuous improvement.

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Eliminate the Risk of Large-Scale Food Broker Cancellation

A good sales and marketing partner will mitigate long-term risk.

We provide the manufacturer with a straightforward business structure that independently preserves brokerage relationships in the event of future contract nonrenewal. So the national sales network is never at risk of termination. The broker contracts are between Presenture’s manufacturer client and the broker. This is crucial to our focus on building sales and marketing solutions to meet the manufacturer’s long-term interests.

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