A pivot is “making a change in strategy without a change in vision”. It could be defined as changing the process a company uses to accomplish the same goal.

Successful business leaders embrace a dynamic environment in order to achieve their visions. They understand that making creative changes lead to innovation and success.

In response, many of today’s business leaders are adopting pivot strategies by making changes which can be gradual or may require significant shifts in their sales and marketing strategies.

Pivot strategies may focus on:

Adopting a different go-to-market strategy

Expanding supply chain and market segments

Improving product features or operator benefits

Employing technology in new and different ways

Improving human capital ROI

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Taking It Off Your Plate

Today, many companies use direct sales personnel solely to acquire large strategic accounts and make complex, big-ticket sales. Using a highly focused and expensive direct sales force to serve the very top of the market while using third party sales organizations to serve the rest of the market is the emerging “best practice” in business-to-business sales.

The average company spends 20-25% of its revenue on selling its products and services. A company that gets aggressive about controlling sales costs can generally save 20-25%. Compared with a direct sales force, an efficient third party can slice 40-60% off of selling costs.

Presenture enables a manufacturer to identify the best way to coordinate its processes and resources in order to focus on its core competencies – manufacturing, innovation, and big-ticket sales. This manufacturing, innovation, and big-ticket sales capacity would be impossible under the burden of non-core activities.

Presenture’s core competencies are foodservice STRATEGY, MARKETING, and SALES. Presenture enables a manufacturer to shed these non-core activities, minimizing risk and maximizing core competencies.

A Structured Approach

Our success begins with a thorough understanding of your business and objectives. We are experts at recognizing opportunities, aligning resources, and executing flawlessly. We grow your market share with an effective go-to-market strategy in conjunction with strategically managing a national broker network. We align our mutual competencies and co-create solutions to provide an exciting and productive environment to achieve even the most challenging objectives in the most efficient manner.