Demystifying Go-to-Market Strategies

Aug 17, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What Are Go-To- Market Strategies?

Plain and simple, a Go-To- Market strategy (GTM) is a method used by companies to define how

they will deliver products or services. In addition to including plans for marketing, logistics, and

evaluation, GTM plans typically account for variable factors such as pricing, distribution, and

other costs.

A GTM strategy done properly starts with the customer; identifying the right customers with the

right markets, channels, products, and value proposition. It is done in a manner which

continuously validates and, if necessary, modifies the company’s business model. Once

developed, customer discovery and development leads to successful customer creation utilizing

a repeatable sales process.

Furthermore, solid GTM strategies significantly reduce time to market and build a framework

that gives a company a living document enabling them to innovate and adapt to market and

competitive issues. Getting your products and services to customers more efficiently than your

competitors will increase your market share, ROI, and brand engagement.


A Foodservice GTM Strategy

Time is especially important in business today. In 2015 alone, the foodservice industry

accounted for more than $255 billion in wholesale sales. That means any missteps, such as

failed product launches, can cost a manufacturer profits and a chance to improve market


Being successful in the foodservice arena is especially difficult for small and mid-size

companies. Compared to well-established foodservice giants, smaller companies typically do

not have all of the resources to effectively get their products in the hands of customers. Going to

market can feel overwhelming, especially for companies that are attempting to scale their

market share.

Presenture’s Go-To- Market Workshop enables small and mid-size companies to be successful

in the foodservice market. This workshop is a key component of our complete foodservice


Once we prepare our client for launch or relaunch of their foodservice initiative, we use our

proven sales process and reporting to take full advantage of the GTM strategy.

Learn about GTM strategies and what they mean for your business by contacting us today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]