Kingston Creamery Names Presenture as National Sales Agency of Record

Aug 27, 2021


Houston, Texas – Augusts 27, 2021 – Presenture LLC, a national foodservice sales agency, announced today it is the national agency of record for Kingston Creamery.

Kingston Creamery preserves a way of life through maintaining old order Amish community standards from generation to generation.  Through sustainable farming practices and working in sync with nature, Kingston Creamery fosters passionate stewardship of its land and herds.  The extra care and centuries-old traditions practiced are reflected in the luscious, high-quality milk and extraordinary blue cheeses crafted by its award-winning cheesemakers since 1984. 

“With the continued increase in consumer interest of compelling farm-to-table stories, there has never been a better time for Kingston Creamery to share its Amish heritage and premium blue cheeses with the public,” said Michael O. Maher, CEO and founder of Presenture. “The Covid-19 pandemic drastically reduced demand for cheese in foodservice, but the category’s growth at retail was extensive.  With foodservice now rebounding, I sincerely believe Kingston Creamery’s blue cheese products will flourish in the specialty cheese categories in foodservice and retail alike.”

In its role, Presenture’s team of sales, marketing, and support professionals will build and manage a national broker network for Kingston Creamery. This custom broker network will be supported by Presenture’s go-to-market strategy and uniform reporting, making it the industry’s most economically prudent business model for food manufacturers.

“We are excited about our partnership with Presenture and the ability to expand the Kingston Creamery brand nationally,” said Nelson Schrock, Operations Manager of Kingston Creamery.  “We are thankful for our Amish heritage and are eager to provide our customers with premium blue cheeses that are produced with sustainable agricultural practices.”

About Presenture
Presenture, a national foodservice sales agency based in Houston, Texas, excels in helping food manufacturers develop, execute, and accelerate their commercial strategies.

Presenture offers a complete solution for food manufacturers seeking imaginative ways to pivot within their organizations.  Presenture’s team of sales, marketing, and support professionals build and manage a national broker network. This client-specific broker network is supported by a custom go-to-market strategy, regional managers, an inside sales team, and uniform reporting.  This eliminates or reduces the need for a manufacturer-owned sales team making Presenture the industry’s most economically prudent business model for food manufacturers. To learn more, visit www.presenture.com.